Clio, Michigan, United States
01. 04. 2014 / 02:54pm

Erratic driver rear ends SUV

Accident  :فئة


Original description: "I shot this with my G1W Dash Camera. Collision is at 1:08. The guy in the red van was driving erratically, drifting all over, not holding his lane. I followed at a safe distance. Upon reaching the intersection, where the light was red, he rear-ended the blue Rendezvous. I stayed in my vehicle, at the instruction of the 911 dispatcher. The police officer on the scene stated they didn't need the video, and that I could go. No one was seriously injured (no one taken away by ambulance). I am in the process of installing a rear-facing dash cam, since I could've easily been the one that was rear-ended. These cameras can be found for ~$52.00 on eBay, and shoot in 1080P, 30 FPS."

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